Suddenly apparent plot devices – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 105

What an unusual… and completely non-contrived! … parallelity of events! Turns out that Mopey is also suffering from a slight allergic reaction, in this case to Admiral Watanabe’s perfume. Which is, naturally enough, Navy by Dana. Actually a fragrance for women, but the Admiral couldn’t find a suitable male fragrance for his particular branch of service – and of course he’d never consider an army fragrance. >_>

That this is indeed the case becomes abundantly clear if you compare Mopey’s blush in this strip with the Admrial’s in the last one. It’s clearly the same ‘not-having-been-asked-to-handwave-away-some-glaring-continuity-fault’ blush the Admiral also sported. We can thus safely conclude that the perfume allergy theory is correct, and that Mopey’s statement that those ceiling-mounted devices have been there all along, just to be overlooked by everybody, is entirely legit. So if you go back to the last strip to check up on Watanabe’s blush it’s plenty enough – there’s no need to go back any further to look for those devices. They were there, but everyone overlooked them, so no need to feel bad about your lack of perception. (#^_^#); Oops. seems like I’m allergic to Watanabe’s perfume, as well. Now you know what not to give me for Christmas. Navy by Dana.

More on Thursday.

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