Bride of Kong – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 106

Meanwhile, back in Tokyo, the mecha-kaiju has had to postpone his intended finishing move to deal with a temporary, but more pressing issue. By not being able to resist play-acting King Kong up there, the mecha-kaiju pilot has, inevitably, attracted aggressive biplanes. That sort of thing just happens if you can’t control yourself. ._.

This problem has also temporarily desaturated the whole neighbourhood, an often observed side-effect of the presence of biplanes. Just look at pictures of WWI flying aces, for example: they’re all black/white and sepia-tinted. That’s because they were taken in the vincinity of biplanes, clearly.

To round out the King Kong hommage, the pilot’s BFF (Best Frenemy Forever) has gracefully consented* to play the part of Ann Darrow. She has the looks to play that part! And the personality to play the title part, but since this only the ending sequence, and not the whole movie, it works. Kinda.

Naturally, in this case there’ll be no “beauty killed the beast” ending, because the mecha-kaiju is just too strongly armed and armoured to fall to a couple of biplanes with rifle-caliber machine guns. There will be a “beauty tried to kill the beast’s pilot” ending, but I’ll keep that mercifully off-screen.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

*Well, perhaps not really ‘consented’…and really, really, really not ‘gracefully’.

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