There he goes again – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 107

Meanwhile, back on Aravanadi, Mopey learns the terrible secret behind the events that made Snuka an orphan…so it was not mere plot-convenience or an attempt at making the character less unlikable, as she had heretofore suspected. Until recently, that is, when she started suspecting the Admiral, since that was also becoming kind of obvious.

After revealing his filicidal transgression, the Admiral gets the customary opportunity to talk about his motivations, but it’s nothing we wouldn’t have expected from him, is it? Just more ‘Japan First!’ rhetoric. >_> Once more, the character’s background was designed like this before the US election got under way, so it’s not intended as a allusion to current political events. I even changed his lines in this strip a bit to avoid that appearance – he’s speaking of his ‘ace card’ now, the original version had ‘trump card’ instead. >_>

And, yeah…inspite of all about her, Mopey’s actually somewhat naivé at heart. I mean, everyone’s over WWII? Far from it. Give it another fifty years or so. XD

More on Thursday.

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