Not quite Ghandi yet – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 108

In the meantime, Snuka is making real progress adressing his persistent issues with being himself. Well, perhaps not really addressing the issues, but at least he’s making progress addressing himself concerning those issues. He’s invented novel pronouns that help him to understand himself when he’s talking to himself about himself.

._. Uh…it works better than it sounds right now. I mean, he’s achieved a great deal that way: he’s predominately in agreement with himself that he loathes himself sufficiently to gang up on himself with himself and let himself have it. And here you thought Mopey was the local champ in artful self loathing? She’s got nothing on Snuka right now!* Admittedly, Snuka is more loathsome than her, or at least aspires to it.

And, yeah, Snuka’s serious about suing Hollywood. He’ll argue in court* that the brutal letdown of finding the act of firing a minigun not nearly as enjoyable or cathartic as Hollywood had led him to believe caused him to suffer from PSD. Which is, strictly speaking, a file format, but he counts on the judge not sweating the details. He’ll ultimately settle for $ 50 mil.

As a final note, please notice the ceiling mounted device in panel one. It’s presence is clear prove that those devices have always been present and visible at the appropriate places in the appropriate strips, just as Mopey stated, and there’s no need whatsoever to go through any old strips just to check on that. Trust us. >_>

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

* Statement strictly limited to self-loathing. In more general terms, she’s got a lot on Snuka. The contents of her dossier on him would suffice to jail a small nation.

* Yes, Snuka has been admitted to the bar. He didn’t even have to study law, since there is a fast track: You take a moral bar, lower it as much as imaginable, and whoever still can’t pass it gets admitted to it. It’s called a dishonorary law degree.

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