Together again – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 109

This one is the one where Mopey finally gets to employ her l33t haxx0r sk1llz, she’s waited a long time for that! After all, the Professor and Snuka already had the opportunity in the past, while Biff isn’t really expecting to ever have it*. It was pretty easy for her – well, it’s always depicted at being pretty easy in movies, but here it was particularly easy, because the Admiral has installed hackomatic terminals in select locations around his base.

That might seem like a pretty poor move, in terms of IT security, but actually it makes sense. Hollywood’s track record on depicting hacking is so poor, it’s shown to happen even in cases where it’s beyond impossible and doesn’t make any sense at all – so what would even perfect cyber-security help the Admiral? And if there’s no way to prevent it, why not facilitate it? That way, at least the hackers won’t stumble across the Admiral’s pr0n collection on their way to their target, plus he can earn a bit of money on the fees.

Anyway, Mopey earns an official promotion from goth girl to geek goth for her smooth leveraging of modern communications technology to quickly convey the Admiral’s shocking relevation to the person(s) bound to be most shocked by it: Snuka, in his three iterations.

Naturally, the psychological shock of learning this troubling fact about his family and his childhood causes the three different slices of Snuka’s personality to re-integrate immediately. Naturally. Really, it’s so logical and obvious why that would happen, it’s hardly worth dwelling on it. Really, I won’t lose another word on it, for fear of insulting my audience’s intelligence. Or perhaps a single word, for those very few people who might need just the smallest of hints to figure it out: Uh…Ausgehschnitzel. Right. >_>

More on Thursday.

* While those skills tend to be assigned to characters solely on the basis of plot convenience (and on short notice), Biff would probably only qualify when there’s absolutely no other characters available for it, including random cameos and dead characters returning as ghosts.

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