On an all-time high… – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 110

Meanwhile, the Professor contacts Biff in Tokyo, using the highly sophisticated communications equipment available on Aravanadi. It might look like a WWII era radio, but it’s in fact the very latest in long-range communications. I mean, it IS a WWII era radio, as well, but the Admiral only went back to using those things after he found that equiping his troops with modern smartphones had a devastating impact on productivity. Now let’s see those lazy bums trying to download pr0n or cat gifs on shortwave! …uh, so, in that sense, this old-fashioned radio set perhaps isn’t modern, but it goes beyond that – it’s post modern. *puts on hipster glasses*

Speaking of that old radio set, I’m not actually sure whether the Professor is using in correctly. I’ve seen pictures of that sort of thing, but not in use, so it’s just possible that the Professor is talking into the earpiece while holding the mouthpiece to his ear. Should that be the case, the official explanation will be that the Admiral sees to it that functions are swapped between the earpiece and the mouthpiece on a regular basis, to keep his men on their toes and mentally flexible. >_> *coughcoughcough*

Speaking of mental flexibility, Biff’s on a personal all-time intellectual high today. Any other day it would have been an achievement for him just to comprehend the Professor’s instructions – but today he’s managed to do not only that, but also immediately spot the massive plot hole in them. Kudos. Of course it doesn’t matter in the end, since if there is anybody highly qualified to fill plot holes of any size with technobabble, it’s Professor Doctor. He can come up with an endless number of technical hindrances to cutting the mecha-kaiju’s energy connection at any point closer to the Aravanadi reactor than Tokyo – of course, the real reason is that Biff’s (still) the designated male lead and youthful hero, so it’s him that has to do the cutting, so it needs to be done wherever he is.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

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