You should never run out on those! – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 111

Biff’s really on a roll right now! Not only has he comprehended most of what the Professor said, he’s actually capable of reproducing some of it, with only minor flaws*, even several seconds later. If Biff’s intellectual empowerment continues to proceed at this pace, the Professor might give him another shot at passing that final exam before the year is out – that final exam that’s always thwarted him before. Then Biff could finally and proudly call himself an elementary school graduate, and that before he’s even thirty. Who’d have thunk it? O_O

And it doesn’t stop there! Biff goes on to correctly identify the next problem in their path (the sturdiness of the umbilical cord) and immediately develops a potential approach to a solution! Admittedly, it’s his default approach, and it doesn’t work, but still.

He does end the strip on a note of puzzlement and confusion, I’ll have to admit, but not too long ago he’d have spent the whole six panels puzzled and confused, start to finish, after speaking to the Professor on such a complex subject.

More on Thursday.

* Hey, he got the main points across to Dapi: “(…) have to stop (…) Mecha (…) before (…) destroy Tokyo (…). (…) weakness (…) that vulnerable cable (…). You don’t need more than that, and in the days of the telegraph, more than that would have caused avoidable expenditure.

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