Tango Corrupti – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 52

No matter whether Latho shuffled, shambled or staggered into action, it’s arrived there in a reasonable amount of time.

And immediately begins doing the needful…or at least, considering it earnestly. Not being a man…uh, I mean, a plush-creature of action, though, thinking before acting is a bit of a habit for it. And its analysis can hardly be faulted: coins are indeed more hygienic than sloths, but not by much. Ultimately, both are pretty unhygienic, especially in large heaps.

Although it’s ultimately not the question of hygiene that makes Latho shy away from shoveling his way into and through the problem: it’s more the bone-breaking work involved. At that point, he could kinda fault Latho’s analysis, since it actually doesn’t have any bones – but that little imprecision can be easily explained away with “it’s only a figure of speech”. Which would then lead to the question of why a race of boneless plush-creatures even has figures of speech involving bones, which would then lead to questioning the whole universal translator/aliens speaking English paradigm…and you really don’t want to go there, in ever.

The important thing is that Latho wants to avoid the physical labor, because it’s worried it might break something in its body. And since there’s a very simple way to get around all of that digging, which occurs to Latho after only a short moment of contemplation, it naturally jumps at the opportunity. And its reasoning is again perfectly logical: in nearly every case where large amounts of money end up missing, corruption is found to be at fault. And whenever large amounts of money are susceptible to corruption, they’re gone within a very short amount of time. Thus, corruption is obviously a fast and efficient way of removing large amounts of money.

And you can says about white-collar-crime what you want: at least it’s hygienic. ._.

More on Thursday.

6 Replies to “Tango Corrupti – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 52”

  1. Well that’s clever: Making the movie’s budget a prop to justify the movie having a budget!
    Granted, those are bitcoins so either that pile paid for the entire movie or half the cost of a cup of coffee spilled on Lee’s crotch.

    1. It is indeed clever, but in a different way: it’s essentially a tax trick. Nolan gave the production company some of his private money hoard as a loan, for use as a prop in this scene – and that allows him to claim nearly all of the movie’s meager profit as interest payment, because the sum was so huge. The only flaw in that clever plan was all the time he had to spend counting the coins before and after the shoot, to make sure none of the impoverished actors or crew members had pocketed any. XD

  2. I think this time Snuka could do it himself. Honestly, stop making your mascot do all the work, lazybums!
    (Snuka can also be savvy enough to see another upgrade coming up)

    1. The ironic thing is that Snuka’s current form as a Japanadian high-schooler/wizard actually constrains him – in his normal state, making huge amounts of money disappear without a trace wouldn’t have been any kind of issue for him. He’d have enjoyed it, in fact! But high-schoolers can’t fathom big sums of money, for lack of experience, and wizards tend to eschew contact with something as mundane as gold in favor of arcane research…into things like turning base metals into gold, for example. XD

  3. You’re right: sloths self-clean while money is one of the filthiest things you can handle.

    1. (Non-domesticated) sloths don’t clean themselves, actually – they’re really among the filthiest of animals, since they allow colonies of algae to grow in their fur for better camouflage. But money is still filthier, of course, since it can be filthy on the physical, legal, moral and spiritual level all at once! XD

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