Target Down! – Chapter 7, Proflogue 17

The hunt is over, and the target is down! Emotionally down only, though – physically, K’ip looks mostly fine. He’s just kinda…seriously…very underappreciative of the fact that he now has a companion fairy, after those treacherous birds gave her the decisive clue. He won’t forget their contribution to his downfall, by the way! As soon as he gets back from this quest business, and unless Si’ri has annoyed him to death by then, he’ll have his revenge. And his dinner. Which will be the same thing in this particular case.

In the meantime, Si’ri tries to be a professional about this strictly-business partnership, and it seems like she made some headway there… until she had to start and recite the name of that magic amulet in full. She should have remembered to just call it the “annoying Haseyo”, like most people do… for that might have reminded her, at the same time, that it’s actually not the amulet itself that’s annoying, but the people who insist on using the full name.

For someone who already was under general suspicion of being highly annoying by virtue (or rather vice?) of being a floating, glowing fairy who speaks in a voice that closely resembles a spoken version of Comic Sans, that was not a clever course of action. >_> It seems to confirm K’ip’s worst fears what his life will be like meow. Now his only remaining hope is that that quest at least won’t take too long… perhaps that stupid amulet just happens to lie around somewhere close by, and there are no monsters or other obstacles in the way that could slow them down. It could be the case, right? Right? Right?

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

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