Test to best – Chap. 5, Act 3, Strip 29

Eat your heart out, Sherlock Holmes, you’ve got nothing on the Professor! Of course I mean “having nothing” in the sense of “not being superior in some specific field”, not in the sense of “not having damaging information on a person’s background”. For as far as damaging information is concerned, I guess you’ve noticed on how many of Professor Moriarity’s scientific papers Professor Doctor is listed as a co-author….uh…moving on….

Anyway, what I was trying to say was only that the Professor has come up with a pretty clever, quick and efficient way to tell right from wrong, when it comes to the Snukas at hand. He just had to figure out some piece of information that only the real Snuka would possess, or at least one that Snuka would possess and a 16th century Japanese female ninja assassin wouldn’t. And as he thought about administering such a test, it struck him – he actually only needed to mention a test, or an exam. There are two kinds of people, when it comes to the Professor’s exams: those that already have experienced one, and those that havent. And these two kinds of people react completely differently to the word “exam” falling from the Professor’s lips. So it was really simple – he just had to mention the word, and the Snuka which wasn’t immediately crushed by deepest despair would be obviously the fake one.

And, yeah, the Professor was right to make an effort to tell the Snukas apart – if he had shot the wrong one, the whole plot would have taken a different turn, culminating in a shocking twist ending when that fact would have been revealed. Possibly involving something along the lines of the fake Snuka having been the real Snuka all along, while the real Snuka had already died before the prologue, and the Professor wasn’t actually aiming at either of them, but at the yeti standing slightly out of frame to the left. Though I’m not sure why the Professor expects that kind of stupid trick from Himalayan directors, specifically. It’s probably just his hearing not being what it used to be.

More on Thursday.

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