That guy had knee-armor – Chap. 3, Act 4, Strip 34

The qualification Mopey means in panel two regards the fact that, technically, “Not at all.” is one of the possible answers to the question “How great is he?”

Having been unable to settle their differences with arguments, our friends instead try to shore up their positions with opinion polls, with both sides trying to skew the results their way by phrasing the questions accordingly. That approach…how should I say it? Let’s say it’s not even nearly as uncommon as it is useless. >_> Once again, just check your national newspaper if you want more examples.

Actually, as long as Mopey and the Professor both interview the same number of people with similarly skewed phrasing, the end result might not even be that inaccurate, since those effects should cancel each other out. But they’re not really getting anywhere with their interviews, anyway – the population of the city seems large and varied, but oddly evasive and repetitive in their reponses. What could be going on here?

More on Monday.

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