The Appendices fill another bomb. – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 65

You can say what you want about German villains (Disclaimer: only safe if not in their presence), they certainly take their craft seriously. They’re ususally very dedicated and dot all of their t’s and cross all of their i’s (because the other way round wouldn’t be evil). In addition to that, they tend to come with a certain kind of flair…but, most crucially, you can rely on them to be very, very evil 24/7.

Well, perhaps not really 24/7, but 9-5/4, plus 9-noon on Fridays. They are unionized, after all. In their off time, they’re not necessarily evil…although they can still be quite annoying, in a gratingly arrogant way, even when refereeing a Junior League game on a Saturday.

On the con side, they’ll never, ever get the hang of that “sarcastical politeness” thing. It’s commendable that HIH (His Imperial Highness) at least tries, but then he goes on to mostly spoil the effect by explicitly stating it. But I guess he considered the risk of the heroes not catching on to his insincerity simply too grave to bear.

Speaking of things to heavy to carry around, William’s master plan certainly qualifies for that category. When the Grand General Staff of the German Empire gets to work, they do get working.

But they pretty much set a record with this newest (when compensating for time shenaningans) work of theirs – they’ve actually managed to exceed the Professor’s tolerance for reading and the acquisition of knowledge, not a lot of people can honestly say that.

Biff, of course, would have asked for a Cliffsnotes version of a Cliffsnotes version of a Cliffsnotes version of the plan, just to make sure it’s condensed enough for him to grasp at least the rough outline. And, surprisingly, such a triple-condensed version of the plan exists! It consists of the sentence “The same thing we do every night, Pinky – try to take over the world!”.

More on Monday.

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