The bigger they are… – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 142

Since his premonitions were crucial in setting up the Nyarlathotep twist, it is only just that the Professorian gets to supply the interruption beat for the scene.

Not much else to say about that…both him and K’ip seems to be used to those little black-outs of his, by now, and don’t take them that serious anymore. Perhaps they also have bigger fish to fry, or more serious problems to confront – while it’s never been mentioned/established, they’re probably on some sort of quest, likely confronting some massive threat of evil doom, or some such. You know, hero stuff.

And, naturally, their equipment keeps improving as they go along – clearly spoils of the battlefield right now, and indicative of having defeated powerful opponents. And then stripped the corpses, as any adventurer who isn’t a paladin of ultimate good would naturally do. The massive suit of armor the Barbessor is wearing originally belonged to Executioner Smough of Dark Souls II, of course – when the player character decides to pilfer and use that particular suit, it shrinks to fit normal human proportions, but I found it funnier to imagine that it didn’t do that in this case, leaving the Professorian, who still hasn’t grown all that much, with vast amounts of not terribly useful extra space surrounding him.

Back to more serious business on Thursday.

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    1. Yeah, that’s the typical pattern – the big ones are slow, but deal a lot of damage if they hit. Of course, sometimes that pattern is altered or even reversed, just to throw the players for a loop. XD

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