The Castle That Fell – Chapter 7, Act 2, Strip 59

The hardly-imaginable has happened: Lord Takeshi’s castle has fallen!

His biggest fan has failed, no matter how much he likes that giant slap-stick. I mean, I like slapstick as well, and the temptation was great to let the slap-stick result in some slapstick…but, ultimately, I felt the team should have matured (or calmed down) enough by now to find a clever way around a problem that’s that obvious.

And they did, making use of the one magical weapon we hadn’t seen in action yet: the thief’s invisibility cloak. Which also appeared in that old D&D cartoon, but was seriously underemployed there – without having counted, I’d guess it was used in about 15% of the cases where it was the obvious solution/thing in a situation. >_> You could graciously explain that away with Sheila just having difficulties getting into a thief’s mindset, but I’d tend to blame careless superpower writing. XD Speaking of rogueish mindsets, Biff seems to be getting there…that cocky little wink is just the thing a proper fantasy rogue should be doing in that situation.

So there you have it: a rare setback for Lord Takeshi, and a great victory for….General Tani. You see, he gave that motivational speech at the beginning, so full credit for this outcome goes to him. With the stress being on ‘this‘ outcome…for full debit for a possible defeat would have gone to the party, of course. It comes from Tani’s rank as a general – just the normal thermodynamics of a hierarchy: victory is hot, so it rises to the top. >_>

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

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