The default approach – Chap. 6, Act 3, Strip 9

Aww, isn’t it just too cute? Mopey clearly has a little puppy-love crush on Freddy Jones, and awkwardly tries to cover it up.

Too bad he is not a permanent member of the team, and always only shows up when it’s time to split the group up. As much as Mopey might not want her secret attraction to Freddy to become a matter of record, I bet she’d still have to admit that she’d vastly prefer him to Biff as a member of the team, if that sort of switch would ever be at issue. Which won’t be the case, of course, since that other gang likely also vastly prefers Freddy to Biff.

As for the reasons that made the split up necessary….uh, there are sound tactical reasons. There just are. When has a B-movie ever gone to the effort to justify something like that, when it was good for the plot? Let’s just say that Mopey has considered all of the other potential tactical approaches and ranked them by preferability, and splitting up clearly came out on top. Here are her notes, if you don’t believe me:

1. splitting up
2. running around aimlessly and shouting “A snake! A snake!”
3. tea and cucumber sandwiches, also prayer
4. taking two aspirin and calling the doctor again tomorrow
5. waiting for Godot

More on Thursday!

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