Top percentage of rattattattattattattatta – Chap. 6, Act 3, Strip 10

Well, it seems that Nolan has forced George to take what was left of the beer back to the supermarket, and use the refund to acquire some proper stock footage after all.

The lack of color is a drawback, but apart from that it’s quite seamless. One of the biggest advantages of fire weapons: they make it easier to combine stock footage with movie footage, because of the longer distance between attackers and attacked. It’s much harder when people are fighting with swords. Especially since it’s so hard to get authentic footage from the middle ages to begin with.

Anyway, Mopey’s somewhat back in charge again. She still might not really now why they’re splitting up, but she’s managed to explain it to Biff. That’s one of the biggest advantages of Biff: you don’t need a good argument to convince him, since he can’t tell the difference too well.

And Mopey’s also figured out a way to prevent Snuka from messing up her half of the operation. Admittedly, it’s also preventing him from contributing anything of value, but she felt that the chances of that were negligible, anyway. And this way, she can always untie him later if she needs his assistance, which would not have been possible if she had followed her first impulse after his last mess-up.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

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