The Explanation – Chapter 2, Strip 429

B-movies tend to get away (or so they think) with leaving a lot of things unexplained, but I felt I just couldn’t conclude the chapter without supplying some kind of rationale how the Professor’s anti-zombification device works, and why it resulted in that strange whiteness. That’s why the Professor is a professor, after all: so he can provide scientifically rigorous explanations.

The idea with the giant sheep was suggested by Anne of “All Roses Have Thorns” and I eagerly picked it up – it’s about three times more logical and plausible than the most logical and plausible thing I came up with*. And that makes it about five times more logical and plausible than the minimum required for a B-movie.** Thanks a million, Anne! =D (Plus, I got to draw a giant space sheep, which doesn’t happen every day.)

More on Thursday.

*Don’t ask. Just don’t. ._.

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