The Kill from before West Hill – Chap. 5, Act 2, Strip 15

Team Zeitgeist took no chances when it came to disguises – a period-neutral disguise worn on top of period-specific disguises. A nested disguise, if you want. Actually, even a twice-nested disguise – the bush already came with an old bird nest included. ._.

Operation “Eavesdrop on the Enemy” was still only a qualified success, though. While they successfully got close enough to overhear the password, Prof. Chronometricos’ grasp of Ukrainian isn’t any better than Professor Dr.’s. Fortunately they could simply fall back on the same stratagem which worked so perfectly the first time around, with minor alterations. Armored cars not having been invented yet, they had to make do with a wind-powered war wagon*. But that shouldn’t make to much of a difference. At least they could apply the same kind of camouflage they used the first time, so from the outside it should look practically the same – that is, totally inconspicuous. >_>

And the unnamed peasant is right about the chapel – an Orthodox chapel’s chances of survival in 16th century Italy wouldn’t have been that great to begin with. Not yet terribly strong on religious tolerance, that age.

*fictional. War wagon’s did exist, of course, and wind-powered engines of war were bandied about as an idea in Renaissance Italy – but as far as I know, the windmill-drive never actually made it off the drawing board. I still went for it, though, since it’s kinda cool and saves me the effort to try and draw horses. XD

More on Monday.

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