Hint, hint – Chap. 5, Act 2, Strip 16

I feel deeply for Professor Chronometricos, there in panel one. I’ve been there so many times before: whenever I try to use an ananology in a discussion, it crashes just like that. ._.

But while their war wagon failed to perform as intended, our friends still succeeded tactically, because Dr. Dutchman Fu’s henchman made a classic tactical error: he was between the enemy and the fortification. Recommended method is to have the fortification between you and the enemy. But I’m sure he’ll recover and learn his lesson…oh, wait, we’re speaking about 16th century health care, right? I’m sure he won’t recover, but will still have learned a lesson.

And Biff is perfectly right there, for once. Dr. Dutchman Fu send his henchmen to the past to have a big party. There’s no party like a 1503 party, because a 1503 party don’t stop…at least, not until 1504. I mean, Biff must be right – or is there any other legitimate explanation for this blatant product placement of an energy drink brand?



Is there?

Find out on Thursday.

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