For cheap exposition, call Lydia – Chap. 5, Act 2, Strip 17

And here Lydia, the Librarian, rides again – I think she’s this comic’s least recurring recurring character. She shows up once each in chapters one and two, and then never again…as far as I can recall, that is, it’s surprisingly hard to keep track of these matters.

Not much to say about her, if you missed her two earlier appearances. She works at the reference desk in the Lillytown U library. Like all fictional librarians, she is standing outside the natural order of the universe and transcends space and time. Naturally, she’s also omniscient, which makes her the ideal person to call whenever the heroes need some otherwise not readily available piece of information. Naturally, the heroes remember this fact only sporadically, which is why Lydia shows up far more infrequently than her usefulness would indicate.

Her name derives from Lydia, the tattooed lady, who, as Groucho helpfully let us know, also was a veritabl encyclopedia, just like this Lydia – if in a slightly different way.

Between this strip and the next one, our friends will be subject to a major infodump/expositionfest concerning the Borgia family, but I’ll skip it in the comic itself. For this I demand to be addressed as “Meng, the Merciful” in future. ._.

More on Monday.

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