The shock of their lifetime. – Chapter 1, Strip 73

There are events, discoveries, that can make even the most jaded minds shiver and shake with shock. Sometimes, everything you’ve ever believed in will be turned upside down in a single second.

Ah, right, about the grand finale…you know, I WAS planning to have the heart-stopping conclusion today, but then I realized that it would be totally sexist to leave Gwen as such a two-dimensional character. So I decided to give her a chance to demonstrate that she does other things in college beside cheerleading, for example studying Egyptology and Art history. I know it might sound like a minor consideration, but I just wouldn’t be able to look into the mirror tomorrow morning, if I had to feel like a sexist pig not willing to acknowledge the important contribution women have made to all fields of science. Even cheerleaders.

Oh, and I also felt that it was important somebody pointed out that this type of pillars didn’t belong into the 11th dynasty. Yeah, admittedly, the pillars were never seen yet, but still, better safe than sorry – I wouldn’t like being accused of misleading people in regard to the stylistic evolution in Ancient Egyptian architecture.

So you see, it’s not at all like I was intentionally (and torturously) drawing out the story’s climax, it was simply necessary to squeeze this episode in. Mandatory. Unavoidable. Elementary. Obligatory.

With those few loose ends picked up, the gut-wrenching (wink wink) finale will be up on Thursday, and we will finally get to know whether Mopey will fall victim to the (voicetype = eerie) ‘Revenge of Rutentuten’.

For the moment: Drive safely, give your Granny a call occasionally, and vote for me. And don’t forget about the forum.

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