Chapter 1, Strip 74

Darn. I was so convinced we could get the grand finale over with today. And then both Prof. Broughtup-Snobishly and Rutentuten said they would have to eat something first, and now everything has been delayed again. I’m SO sorry. Obviously, ‘Ramses roast turkey’ isn’t that nourishing.

The Nohaggistarians are a small Scottish sect that broke away from the Kirk in the 19th Century. They actually subscribe to all the essential teachings of the Kirk, their only deviation regards diet: Nohaggistarians eat anything suitable for human consumption, while other Scots eat anything suitable for human consumption AND haggis. Unfortunately for the little sect, the Catholic church considers them Nohaggist- ARIANS and wants them all burned at the stake or driven into the steppes.

‘A healthy helping of haggis’ – cool, that’s an alliteration and a paradox at the same time!

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