We’ve got some guts. – Chapter 1, Strip 74b

After countless delays and misleading announcements, we finally get to see real skin sliced and real guts ripped out – today’s strip is not for the faint of heart.

So this time, it really isn’t my fault. I was hell-bent on posting the conclusion to the mummification scene today, but then suddenly, Professor LaFebrezé started to complain about stomach pains. Good thing Sir Winston has had field surgery training with the Royal Flying Corps, or this might have had a tragic ending.

OK, OK, perhaps I’ve milked this ‘torturously drawn-out climax’ shtick for all it’s worth, or even a bit more. Even if it IS an authentic b-movie tradition.
Well, thanks for your patience – I solemnly swear that we’ll finally have the conclusion to the mummification scene next Monday, come heat or high water. (Allowing for sudden bursts of inspiration, of course. Calm down, just joking.)

Don’t do this at home. Internal organs, or parts of them, should only be removed by trained professionals. Ideally, medical professionals, but butchers or chefs will do in a pinch – it’s pretty similar on a basic level.

Oh, and organs should also only be played by trained professionals.

Look forward to the chilling conclusion on Monday, and if you need something to alleviate the tension, try voting or visiting the forums. (Guaranteed not to work, but thanks, anyway.)

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