Dietary considerations – Chapter 1, Strip 75

Don’t you hate it, too, when you’ve got something important to do and suddenly get so desperately hungry that you simply HAVE to eat something first? Boy, I do.

Eating spaghetti, on the other hand, requires a bit of technique, which can be only acquired by training. So Rutentuten can be pretty much excused for the mess he made- I didn’t look much better when I had my first plate of those fiendish noodles. (Well, I was a toddler. Unfortunately, somebody had the gall to catch that embarrassing moment on film, so it will live in eternal shame. Even worse, my older brother has a copy of the pic, so I can never risk pissing him off.)

On another note, the forum has a new skin, and a new thread where the ‘retired’ voting incentives are put out to pasture.

So, sorry again for the utter lack of Mopey getting mummified today, I’m positive this will have been the last obstacle to overcome, so we’ll finally get to see the cruel evisceration on Thursday.

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