Timely rescue? – Chapter 1, Strip 76

What will our heroes find as the enter Rutentuten’s mummification chamber (OF DOOM!)? Will Mopey have already been turned into a shriveled, bandaged, undead shadow of her former self – or will they still come in time? Find out, in today’s chilling climax to: (Dundundun Dun) ‘Revenge of Rutentuten’!

Tah-Dah! So here it is, the grand finale. Of sorts. Well, at least it’s the conclusion to Mopey’s mummification scene, which turned out a non-mummification scene in the end. But did you really expect another outcome? I mean, seriously – that’s how far they always come, but never farther. The knife touches the skin and then…the heroes come crashing in. In case the heroes are late, something else interrupts the villain. Or in case the script writer doesn’t care for plausibility and good storytelling at all, he can simply have the villain remember something he had forgotten (most likely one of the many loose ends scattered about a b-movie plot), and have him conveniently step of the stage. I hate it when they do that XD.

Yup, all this time, Biff thought Mopey was a guy. Fun fact: Biff is some fries short of a Happy Meal. Actually, all the fries. And the burger. And almost all of the soft drink.

Some people might be wondering where the large, wooden mallet suddenly came from. For a discussion of this phenomenon, please consult Dr. Germahn, resident stereotypical German scientist at El Goonish Shive: http://www.egscomics.com/index.php?id=6

As you can see, this is not quite the end of the current story arc yet, we still have to cover one or two clichés before we are done. On Thursday, for example, we’ll be covering: ‘Out of the frying pan, into the fire.’ (b-movie cliché No. 3497 /b)

And last but not least, a new voting incentive is up. It is, chant with me: ‘Harry Potter themed again’. I know I’m unoriginal, I’m working on it. This one kind of follows up to the one three weeks ago, when Harry discovered, to his immense shock, the wonderful world of Harry/Ron fanfiction. And by popular demand (in the forums), Hermione even has a visible face this time around.

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