The Sound of Silence – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 31

Okay, so this strip was pretty much obligatory – I’m not necessarily proud of the fact, but there’s no denying that this chapter has a fixed template for introducing forests. So how could I have skipped introducing the Ever,evergreenest Forest in this way, especially given that it’s likely going to be the last forest our heroes get to visit – one way or the other?

Technically, it might only qualify as a subforest of the Evergreen Forest, but it still deserves an introduction of its own – after all, it has a decidedly different character than the rest of the forest. A dark, somber and threatening character. Dark, somber and threatening – but also mercifully silent, for there is no trace of those annoying lounge-singing birds in this part of the forest.

Walking into this silent part of the forest must feel like a relief, hearing the Great American Songbook die away in the distance, being replaced by glorious, peaceful silence. That relief might be momentary, of course, and quickly be replaced by the growing realization that you’re now in the part of the woods that has the giant spiders and a thousand other, unknown dangers in it, and from which no-one has yet returned unharmed, if at all…BUT, for a moment I’m sure it’ll feel nice.

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4 Replies to “The Sound of Silence – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 31”

  1. Forest of Tranquility.
    Wait, this sounds lame. Let me think about it for a moment…
    Forest of Being Eaten Alive By Trees.

    1. “Forest of Tranquility” sounds kinda fake, actually – as in, if your DM tells you that it’s called that way, you can be reasonably sure that it’s actually a Forest of Being Alive by Trees trying to make itself sound inviting. Although, naturally, a forest where interlopers get eaten by trees is probably quite tranquil, in a way, so it’s only partly false advertising.

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