The Verraderlijk Plot of Dr. Dutchman Fu – Chap. 5, Act 1, Strip 4

And that’s…the title. As they say.

This is the Nolan Nobucks variation on a “classy” title sequence – the one where you have stills of various works of art, possibly vaguely relevant to the plot, as a background for the opening credits. Works well for period movies, of course, but also for mystery stories – and for B-horror-movies who pretend to be mystery stories, which is probably the justifications for Nolan’s choice.

The background for the last panel, as well as the title banner at the top of the page, is taken from a mural in Pyongyang, North Korea, depicting the return of Kim Il Sung. I know it shouldn’t, but somehow it always cheers me up when I see it – those people look so goddamn happy.

More on Monday.

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