We’re getting the band back together – Chap. 5, Act 1, Strip 5

Yeah, based on his decades of experience being a B-movie protagonist, the Professor allowed himself to skip the step where he tries to alert the authorities of Prof. Chronometricos’ sad fate – he knows that they simply wouldn’t take him seriously at this point in the plot. He will probably inform them later, sometime in the third act, when they’ll be much more receptive…and it will be too late for them to actually do anything, anyway. Been there, done that, over and over again.

And he can even back it up with science! Good thing he’s at the lab, where he’s got his +1 magic blackboard of revealing plot-relevant information. At any given time it will display information relevant to any subject matter that comes up in the plot, which will have been conveniently “forgotten to be erased” after a “class I just happened to give on this specific subject”.

Fortunately, the Professor doesn’t have to rely on law enforcement authorities – he has his own little team he can rely on. Or, well, does rely on, at the very least. Mopey being among the intellectual highlights of this team, which easily allows her to figure out that a “time scientist” as stereotypical as Prof. Chronometricos will inevitably have his laboratory in Greenwich. They make a mean time, there. (Yes, I know, as a scientist Mopey should prefer Coordinated Universal Time to Greenwich Mean Time – but how would that help her figuring out the location of Chronometricos’ lab? Of course it’s in the coordinated universe, but where exactly?)

As for Mopey’s new design, I take it I took it a step too far, as in, too far away from her goth roots. I’ll tweak her design a bit too make her more goth again, but it’ll take a while to show up in the strip since I’ve got a buffer of several strips that are already done, and she’s got the current design in those.

More on Thursday.

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