Dramatis personae – Chap. 5, Act 1, Strip 6

This is just the usual once-per-chapter main character overview. To spice it up, I asked two elderly gentlemen who happened to sit on a bench nearby for their insight and comment on the characters, which they were only too happy to provide.

If I understand it correctly, those two gentlemen are retirees volunteering as acting coaches (specializing on comedy) for the Lillytown U drama department. Their insightful advice and well-intentioned discouragement has helped launch many a successful career! Mostly in fields like insurance and real estate.

They’re reputedly particularly critical of large, hairy gay men who want to become comedians. For some reason, they seem to think that bears just aren’t any good at comedy – on principle.

And yeah, Gregory is also taking drama classes. He wants to become a Shakespearean actor, concentrating on the more cerebral parts. He seems to be very serious about it – when he auditioned for the part of Hamlet, he spent hours experimenting with different skulls until he found the right one for the part. And he got the part! Although, admittedly, that might partly have been because he was the only one who showed up to the audition. In a bizarre coincidence, the decapitated bodies of the other actors interested in the part where found in the basement a short while later. Sheriff Ketchum is investigating, though, so I’m sure the culprit will be apprehended and brought to justice shortly. And if not the culprit, then somebody else – Sheriff Ketchum is entirely reliable, that way.

More on Monday.

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