Those proudly exccentric Englishmen – Chap. 5, Act 1, Strip 7

Phew, finally I got that one off my chest! This little gag was part of the first draft for the first chapter of BMC, way, way back. In the first draft, that chapter was about a vampire instead of a mummy, and was set in the UK. The Professor would have given the same kind of introduction, just with the added kink that England was supposed to be his native country at that stage. Mopey and Biff would have been the ones doing the staring, since Snuka wasn’t yet planned for.

Later on, the whole thing would have even become relevant to the plot, when it would have helped them find the trail of the Count – whose coach would have stood out for going upside up in a display of stubborn continentality.

So much for the road not traveled.

More on Thursday.

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