They blew it up! – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 70

Well, hope is where you find it. Sometimes, it’s all a matter of choosing a specific angle to look at things. >_>

I wanted to use some unmistakable visuals for this scene, and ultimately settled on the famous ending of the original Planet of the Apes movie…which had the twin advantages of being highly recognizable, but also giving the Elder a modicum of cover. After all, how was he supposed to know what that statue means in context? I mean, aside from all of the magical means he has at hand to acquire knowledge of things…>_>…which, obviously, don’t really matter if you’re consciously twist their results to match your preconceived notions…so the whole thing comes full circle again. Completely circular reasoning. Well done. *pats own back*

There are two things to take away from today’s strip:

– The Elder is so sick and tired of bad news that he can’t face up to the reality of the current situation anymore. On the whole, that’s probably a bad sign by an in itself. ._.

– vision!K’ip isn’t really appreciative of gift horses, even if they come in the shape of statues. He might have been more appreciative of a gift horse in the shape of Epona, as long as she wasn’t 2/3 buried in sand…and, actually, she’d have been more useful at the beginning of his quest, rather than at its sad end. Still, the statue is worth about 5.4 million dollars. As long as he can fit it into his inventory, which he should be able to without any problems, he should be able to pawn it off at the next city he gets to for 200 gold, at least…he might even make enough to buy a horse.

More on Monday.

4 Replies to “They blew it up! – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 70”

  1. I thought that was Si’ri K’ip was yelling at in the third panel until I realized it was just the shine off the crystal ball (OR it could be a new desert-fairy that just HAPPENS to be in the exact place where the shine on a crystal ball would be!).

    I’m surprised the elder hasn’t had a few drinks from one of those XXX marked barrels yet. It’s much easier to believe your own lies (as well as make them up!) when your more smashed than a china shop in an earthquake.

    1. K’ip has learned never to yell at Si’ri, actually – at least not directly at her. Yelling at her blows her a couple of feet back, and then she can’t hear the rest of what he was going to say. >_>

      Alcohol could really serve to make the Elder’s visions clearer…or at least deal better with the realizations they bring. But those barrels don’t contain alcohol, or anything to drink. It’s where the Elder stashes his pr0n collection – or why else would they be marked “XXX”? =P

  2. Yeah, this scene is pretty unmistakeable. I have to admit I only ever really watched the old movies and never really got into the reboot. And if this was really Planet of the Apes, then it would have to be one of the human party members because Kip would be part of the Apes (or rather cats).
    And what is Vision!Kip’s skill level in paper craft? (for paper planes)

    1. No, logically K’ip would take the human part in Planet of the Apes – since cats are the dominant species in our current world, as can be seen by the fact that they keep humans as servants to feed them and clean up after them. XD So in that version of Planet of the Apes, K’ip would return from space to a world where this has been reversed, and cats are expected to work for their upkeep…no wonder he’s screaming like that. XD

      I haven’t actually seen the reboot movies – only the originals and the 2001 remake.

      K’ip is excellent at folding paper planes, of course – unfortunately for him, due to the constraint of the setting, he’s only got parchment to work with, which is a bit too heavy to make for good soaring.

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