Thursday is legs day. – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 120

And here the shrewdness of Admiral Watanabe’s choice for his final guardian is amply demonstrated. Turns out he wasn’t even concerned with who would win in a fight, it was enough to make sure that the discussion about that would be animated and passionate. A sumotori gave him a much better shot at that than a practitioner of some more mainstream martial art, and it’s really paid off.

Everyone is completely absorbed with the dispute. The Admiral’s henchman argues for sumo being the most powerful martial art, of course, while Snuka advocates for Snukarate – a variant of karate mostly distinguished by the fact that he’s holding a trademark for it.
Mopey, meanwhile, strongly feels that Gothic martial arts are the superior form, even if that looks like this:

While the Professor, obviously, considers robust scientific debate to hold the crown among martial arts. (Irrespective what the script made him say in the last strip.)

With all of his opponents thoroughly peroccupied, the Admiral has ample time and opportunity to demonstrate that he isn’t stuck in the mid-20th century in every respect: he is quite capable of MOBILE COMPUTING. =D Because his digital existence is powered by android! Well, or at least the lower half of one. An alternative means of emergency escape would have involved a literal virtual flight into the cloud*…but that just wouldn’t have supplied the proper visuals for a B-movie. A virtual person physically escaping is much more B-movieish.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

* as opposed to a literal literal flight into the cloud, for which he would have needed an airplane, and a virtual virtual flight into the cloud, which he would only have imagined.

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