Tsukidashi! – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 119

It’s the most shocking swerve ever, part two! So that is the secret behind the Admiral’s otherwise inexplicable longetivity and implausible youthful looks. He was a hologram all along! And if I played my cards right, everyone reading should have drawn that conclusion on their own, by this stage…I’ve tried to be not overly conspicuous with it, but still make sure that the reveal doesn’t come as a real surprise to anyone. Since that would be against the spirit of B-movies.

As for the viability of transferring a human mind into a computer, even of the ‘super’ variety…well, there are a vast number of obstacles to overcome to get to that point, some of which have the potential to be insurmountable…
…but fortunately, they were all overcome off-screen, long before the movie started, by people highly qualified for that. And easily and quickly, too. Hey, it’s a kaiju movie, so this one hardly even counts to some of the other believabiilty-stretchers about. XD

And – of course! – the Admiral has a final ace up his sleeve, even despite not having any physical sleeves anymore. That’s what I call foresight. It doesn’t appear overly impressive, though, I’ll have to give Mopey that…by established standards, ‘hulking henchman with a spanner’ is more of an end-of-act-II-villain than a fitting final obstacle. Or could there be more here than meets the eye? The Professor’s line of thinking definitely also has the ring of truth to it.

Speaking of that, I’m not intending to cause any serious argument regarding the relative ranking of different martial arts on the power scale. In B-movies, that sort of thing follows a simple rule – the specific threat the heroes are facing is always described as the greatest. So, while you could make an argument for sumotori being the most powerful martial artists on the basis of sheer kinetic energy, in this case it’s only the case because it’s the case that’s the case right now. Had Admiral Watanabe picked a henchman with a background in a different martial art, that one would be the most powerful one right now … but, as already alluded to, the Admiral is a bit on the conservative side, so choosing sumo makes a lot of sense for him.

In case this isn’t enough sumo action for you, today is the 2nd day (of 15) of the 2017 Nagoya Grand Tournament, so there’s a chance to catch more.

More on Thursday.

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