To Heck and back. – Chap. 4, Act 3, Strip 11

And here, inevitably, is the second half of the “unsuccessful military intervention” phase of the plot. I’m sorry, but it’s obligatory – you can’t do just the Air Force, it’s always the Air Force + one other branch of the service. Typically the Army, but sometimes the Navy in cases of giant monster attacks. Rarely the Marines, but it can happen if the setting is an Island in the Pacific.

Here it’s the Army, which isn’t too much of a problem if you just did the Air Force. Everyone knows that the Army is practically the same as the Air Force, just the uniforms have a palette swap, and some people wear a hard hat instead of that odd little brimless hat. You also use a completely different set of stock footage, but it’s not difficult to keep the various sets apart: the Air Force set has planes, the Navy set has ships and everything that has neither is suitable for the Army or the Marines alike. If you want to go the extra mile, you can make sure to use stock footage that fits the period and the units in question, but usually the audience won’t notice a little slip-up or two. That stuff doesn’t change all that much over the years. *cough*.

As for the “American equivalent of Siberia”, I’ll leave it to the reader to determine which part of the country that would be. It would be inadvisable to give any specifics on my part.

More on Thursday.

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