Tonight we examine the phenomenon of deja vu – Chap. 6, Act 3, Strip 36

Do you know these dreams, where you’re dreaming that you’re dreaming of experiencing a strong feeling of dejavu in a situation, and then you wake up and realize that you’ve dreamt it all before? And then you wake up again and relalize that you only dreamt that you had woken up, and you’ve had that experience before, as well? Yeah, what Snuka’s experiencing here is about the same as that feeling, plus the strange surroundings and all of the added danger. But, you know, he’s gone through this before… >_>

It does seem like Snuka isn’t completey over his boyscout phase after all, though…his hair and eye color are back to normal, but he’s still using the word “fiddlesticks”, which the good ‘old’ original Snuka only ever used when he couldn’t remember what a violin bow was properly called. Like that one time when he just happened to find the New York Philharmonic Orchestra’s tour bus…which had clearly been abandoned, by the looks of it for many minutes, if not even a quarter of an hour. He still thinks he could have gotten a lot more money for all of that stuff if he could have told his fence what it all was with the proper words. A violin bow would have easily fetched 50% more than a fiddlestick.

And now that he’s strapped under another brain washing ray, he’ll probably have to deal with all of his old memories and regrets again, including the one about selling all those musical instruments so cheaply. ._.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

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