Trail Mix – Chap. 5, Act 2, Strip 22

Their little pitstop has thrown our friends of their quarry’s trail, and they won’t be able to find it again – they don’t have a Native American in their party (whom the B-movie laws would allow to successfully spot a century old trail throught outer space. In a snowstorm.).

At least this time, there wasn’t a lot of deep thought necessary to figure out which way to split their little three-person team. Leaving Biff anywhere near some crossroads of history without adult supervision could easily do worse things to history than Dr. Dutchman Fu’s deviant brain could come up with in between a dentist appointment and a divorce court hearing.

And anyway, Time-on couldn’t have picked a better person for that task. This won’t be the first high-ranking religious figure whose historically ordained demise Mopey is going to ensure. In fact, she’s already reached “Ace” status. And with Alexander VI added to her score, she’ll only be 13 short of getting the Pour le Merite. But keep in mind, we’re not talking murder here. In all cases, she was just ensuring a historically ordained demise.

Well, I mean, if it wasn’t historically ordained beforehand, it definitely was afterwards.

More on Thursday.

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