Shin, shin, put one in. – Chap. 5, Act 2, Strip 23

As it turns out, Dr. Dutchman Fu’s henchman tackled the “Cesare” part of his assignment first, probably because he thought, probably correctly, that it is the one which would take longer, anyway. And, indeed, our friends arrive still in time – in really, really plenty of time, since it’s abundantly clear that Cesare Borgia’s singing lessons are still at a very early stage.

As far as tactics are concerned, Professor chronometricos has apparently decided to go with the default frontal attack, employing the same methods tried before – which, as of this, are now back to a 2:1 success:failure rate. He’s an expert in time studies, after all, not in tactical studies.

But he made use of the opportunity to improve on 16th century military technology, using his advanced knowledge from the 21st. Within reasonable bounds, of course, he doesn’t want to risk any major distortions of historical events. He has called his innovation the Halberdreidel, combining a halberdier with the working principle of a spinning top to create a nearly unstoppable close assault weapon. That shouldn’t be too far away from something that somebody like Leonardo da Vinci could have come up with, and there is no major risk that somebody could rip off the idea for their own use in the 16th century – the trick doesn’t work with just any old halberdier: it only works because Biff’s brain(ette) is so well-protected against impacts, having all of that empty space around it in that huge skull.

More on Monday.

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