Right guard, right choice – Chap. 5, Act 2, Strip 24

I don’t want to sound like I’m endorsing a product, but I think that was a very wise choice by Professor Chronometricos. The Right Guard has a definite range advantage over the En Garde, and it’s much easier to employ, as well – especially for an elderly gentleman like him, hailing from an age where “gentleman” no longer implies any training in swordplay.

And it would have played out the same way if they had ended up at Lindisfarne – Oglof the Blood-trouser would have wielded his axe, the Professor his Axe, and down goes Oglof. And he’d smell better than ever before in his life.

I would just caution the Professor against believing the “24h” thing. He’s lucky if Cesare stays down for a few hours, especially if it’s hot. Fortunately, that should still be enough. And, speaking of broken advertising promises, I also highly doubt that Cesare is feeling fresh and energized right now, despite the liberal application. Just can’t trust anybody, these days.

No need to worry about Mr. Borgia trying to copy the chemical mace, though. These modern mixtures are probably too musky for him, his tastes in perfumes probably ran way sweeter.

More on Thursday.

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