Sede vacante – Chap. 5, Act 2, Strip 25

Don’t you sometimes get the feeling all of these scenes of people dying start looking the same after a while? They sure do to me. ._.

But, in any case, it seems like Mopey has been successful in her mission of assassination. Unsurprisingly, since she was well motivated: not only does she like assassination in general, killing a pope gets her super special bragging right in her satanic coffee part…uh, “coven”. Even if it happened centuries ago, and the pope in question wasn’t anywhere near the top of the saintlihood index. It’s the fact that counts.

And Alexander VI’s has died exactly when scheduled to historically, foiling whatever Dr. Dutchman Fu’s plans were. The circumstances don’t jive exactly with the original historical version of his death, but that should not cause any major changes to the timeline. He was the kind of guy whose death was bound to be surrounded by lurid tales and conspiracy theories from the get-go, so within a few centuries it should all even out.

And the guy in red is obviously not Professor Doctor, just somebody who looks a bit like him: it’s Cardinal Bishop. I don’t know whether they’re related in some way, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were.

Please also note how carefully Mopey has adapted her methods to the missions: not only has she adapted her standard camouflage for an ecclestical setting, she’s even exchanged all of her ninjutsu for nunjitsu. That’s the dedication of a true professional.

More on Monday.

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