You spin me right round, baby – Chap. 5, Act 2, Strip 26

Yeah, another entry into Biff “Biffmeister” Boffenheimer’s Big Book of Home Remedies: If you get nauseous from spinning counterclockwise for too long, try spinning clockwise the same number of times, then the effects will cancel each other out.

Although in a proper castle, the staircases will always spiral clockwise, since that gives an advantage to the defender in a swordfight (because the attacker’s right arm will be obstructed). Well,at least that’s the alleged reason. And that’s why a fair swordfight should never be staged in a staircase. If you want a fair fight, try a gunfight in an elevator, that’s less one-sided and less old-fashioned at the same time. Disclaimer: I’m not endorsing any kind of fights, especially not fair ones.

Anyway, Biff can feel lucky he’s dealing with a well-mannered opponent who’s willing to meet him halfway about his little problem. Not every mortal enemy is like that, some of them can get markedly unpleasant at times.

More on Thursday.

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