Transformers! – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 86

And here 8-Megadork-8 finally gets to demonstrate that he’s capable of some tricks that 7-Zark-7 could only dream of*.

Which might have only been because of the limited animation budget, but still. 8-Megadork-8 can…uh…open his belly-flap? Pivot his abdomen downward? Reveal his secret internal space? Frankly, I’m not entirely sure what he’s actually doing here, but it should become clear enough, likely as soon as the next strip!

And you already know it’s going to be something good…because, why else would Mopey have pulled that specific lever, out of all of the levers available? Plus, there was an extended sequence of unspecific mechanical goings-on going on before the belly-flap opened – that sort of thing is generally restricted to meaningful and important changes in a robot’s structure. Cosmetic changes are done electronically and behind the scenes. >_>

To remind everyone that this sequence is taking place underwater, the production has spared no expense and provide a blue gel and a bubble overlay for every panel in this sequence!
…well, okay. They saved the expense of doing model work in a pool, let alone doing the interior shots in a pool. But that would have been more than an expense, it would have been an irresponsible, sinful luxury. By providing the post-production treatment they didn’t save every expense imaginable, and that counts. >_>

More on Thursday.

* Whenever he wasn’t dreaming of electric sheep, as androids are allegedly wont to do. >_>

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