Two Wongs don’t make it right – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 42

So here goes Snuka with the missing pieces of the puzzle…not that the pieces really fit, or that they would in any way, shape or form complete some kind of coherent narrative, but technically they’ve been missing, and now they aren’t, so yay.

Anyway, We learn how his encounter with Lord Shingen and his companion turned out, and how it was unexpectedly a lot more cordial than is the norm for asassination missions. And who was responsible for all of that, i.e. a mysterious cassandra, a convenient plot device since the days of Homer.

She does seem somewhat familiar to Snuka, but that’s only because he’s confusing her with different seeress, Ms. Suzie Wong from way back in chapter two. There are two reasons for that mix-up: for one thing, all Japanese comic characters beyond the age of sixty look exactly the same, a physically tiny dried prune/raisin combo. And for the other thing, all of these mysterious seeresses, Japanese or not, shamelessly lie about their identities and try to handwave their obvious immortality away (as if anybody even cared). Anyway, this seeress is definitely a completely different seeress than that other seeress, and they share nothing at all in common, aside from their looks. And their names, parents, background, history, personality, identity and a few other, minor aspects. So, that should clear that up for good. Stupid Snuka.

And then Ms. Wong proceeds to read the future by throwing bones. I know, the last time she was using tea leaves, but that was just because there were too many dogs nearby to throw bones around. And, yeah, normally you use several small bones for it, rather than one big one…but Ms. Wong is just so great at it, she can do with one, and with her fading eyesight she prefers a bigger one, naturally. Reading only one bone also has the advantage that the prophecies tend to turn out a lot less ambiguous. One bone, one fate.

In this case, she’s using a femur (or half of one, rather)…she would have used a humerus, but Snuka’s destiny just isn’t that happy.

More on Thursday.

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