Line form on the left, please. – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 41

So we’ve had a little bit of a time-skip between this strip and the last one, on Monday. I can’t exactly say how much time passed, but it was apparently enough time for Snuka to deal with his gastro-intestinal issues and for Dr. Dutchman Fu to recount his thrilling life story up until and including the day he started primary school. So, I’d say something between 6 and 9 hours. ._. Well, you know…Snuka’s seemed really badly blocked up, and there were many spectacular and shocking incidents to recount from the dread Dr.’s earliest days. If there had been any way to somehow balance out the Dr.’s verbal diarrhea with Snuka’s constipation, they might have managed to do it in 30 minutes, but life, sadly, doesn’t work like this.

Anyway, those problems are in the past, and in the present Snuka insists on proper protocol as to who flashbacks first – and as the lone wolf who makes the first, unsuccessful attempt at stopping the villain, he’s got priority in that regard. And he won’t relent on that at any cost – he’s so happy to have gotten things moving again, he won’t allow them to be slowed down any by Dr. Dutchman Fu’s outrightly glacial narrative pace.

And his story is more interesting, anyway – panel five, for example, offers a rare glimpse into the mind of an immoral rogue…uh, I mean, a troubled anti-hero. “An open door can tempt a saint!”, as the saying goes – and that Snuka perceives open doors everywhere is just a consequence of his natural good cheer and optimism. And with that number of open doors around, his saintliness stands little chance – especially since he cherishs it so much, he keeps it away from his decision making processes. He doesn’t have a whole lot of it, so he tries to keep that small scoop as unblemished as possible.

As for the contents of that safe…well, that’s just bad luck, Snuka. War is hell on everyone.

More on Monday.

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