Forced movement – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 40

Yeah, it’s not a well-publicized fact, but the Jedi order was founded with three central goals in mind:
– to defeat the Sith and bring balance to the force
– to defend the Republic
– to find a Paravan, Caravan, Cadawan, or whatever they are called, who is stupid enough to fall for the “porta movement” trick that master Yoda came up with in his youth

And, thanks to Obi Wan, at long last the order has actually succeeded at one of its goals. It might not have been the one that had the highest priority, really, but one is definitely better than zero. Much better, in fact, since now nobody can claim the order was a complete failure.

Snuka’s old master (retroactively assigned) hasn’t been seen a lot since he passed on to the Netherlands of the Force, but this was just the perfect opportunity to give him a cameo again – for one thing, because “Netherlands of the Force” jives nicely with “Dutchman Fu”, and aside from that it’s also very plausible: sitting on the toilet with constipation is the most logical moment to think of somebody like good, old Obi Wan.

The gif I found here, but if you feel compelled to ask why something like that exists, I really don’t have an answer. If you have a lot of mitochondria, ask them – perhaps the force told them. *vague hand movement*

More on Thursday.

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