Tonight on “It’s the Mind!”, we examine… – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 39

And poor Snuka’s hardly been back in the strip for any length of time, and already he gets hit (in the stomach) by karmic justice. The constipation a famous female ninja had suffered on Snuka’s behalf returns to strike its proper target this time.

This happens since fate is inescable (at least in B-movies), and also since all of this time-traveling back and forth is bound to give a guy a bad case of deja vu, every now and then. Although the deja vu wouldn’t really have been perfect without Dr. Dutchman Fu graciously providing for a completely gratuitous aircraft carrier right at the beginning of his expository monologue. His flexibility in this regards is particularly appreciated since we all know how long he’s been waiting for his chance to deliver that speech!

As for the in-story explanation, I’ve checked – and there is no such thing as “Dutch cheese candies”. Which was kinda surprising, because I really wouldn’t have put it beyond the Dutch to come up with something like that – but perhaps that’s only because there are so preciously few things I would put beyond the Dutch. But, no, this seems to be one cheese-centric culinary crime they are, as of yet, innocent of.* But storywise that’s not much of a problem, since it can be readily assumed that cheese candy is simply a new invention by the dastardly Dutch doctor – after all, he’s supposed to have a sadism and torture theme going on, and the invention of cheese candy would fit that nicely.

*But some of them like aged gouda topped with sugar or apple syrup, so it’s probably only a matter of time…

More on Monday.

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