And the mystery celebrity is… – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 38

Ta-Dah! Finally, the reveal-reveal behind last week’s unreveal-reveal – of course, it’s a two-stage reveal (with a stylish swoosh, even), because nothing is ever easy. But yeah, the mysterious stranger is nobody else than our good, old Snuka. Who didn’t accompany the others when they left the station, as you might already have noticed by his absence. Or you might have not noticed that, in which case you’re in good company – since his friends apparently didn’t notice it, either. Again.

As for why his silhouette seemed to be wearing a hat and carrying a whip back then…uh…I guess his strange hairdo can look like a hat, from a certain angle…perhaps? And the whip…uh…it was his belt! Yeah, that’s right. He was just in the process of putting his belt back on, because he wanted to make sure that he’s properly attired for his big entry! And he missed his cue, so he still had the belt in his hand when he came through the door. And by now he’s put the belt back on, of course, so the optical illusion is gone. See? No big mystery there, at all, everything plausible and explainable. *cough*

And, yeah, Ocean’s 11 (the 1960 original) is one of Snuka’s favourite movies, if not his all-time top favourite. Unsurprisingly, I might add. It’s basically the story of his life, just a lot more stylish – and that’s what he’s been aspiring to: to remain the lovable, luckless rogue he’s always been, but add some old-time style to it. You be the judge.

Which might, or might not, be connected to the question of what’s Snuka actually doing there, all alone without the others – but that is a different reveal, and it will be reveal-revealed (without prior unreveal-reveal, even) another time.

More on Thursday.

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