Violence Is The Answer – Chapter 8, Act 1, Strip 52

As I said, these giant, mechanically complicated vault doors are a time-honored visual element – and thus the act of opening them proceeds at a certain length and in an almost ritualized fashion. The mechanics in action are shown in close-up and in sequence, moving at an appropriately modest pace, and accompanied by suitably grating sounds. That accomplished, the vault door will swing open in majestic slowness, also accompanied by a more subtle, but still present soundscape.

It all takes quite a bit of time, and it’s not admissible to skip it. But to make up for the time that it takes Mopey to overcome that first layer of defense, I’ve thrown in the second layer in the same strip, at no extra charge! And this layer is overcome quickly, without any need for any visuals, and just a single sound cue. And that’s not because this sort of anti-access device is any less time-honored than the titanic-and-overly-mechanically-complicated-vault-door one, or somehow automatically easier to overcome – no, it’s just because Mopey remembers the trick from the last chapter. And while she doesn’t have access to the Professorian’s magic greatclub +2, she does have access to one, quite effective, blunt weapon wherever she goes – even from her innerspace, she can access her hammerspace for the mallet of mortifying might it holds.

Find out what Mopey finds in the innermost sanctum of her soul on Thursday!

4 Replies to “Violence Is The Answer – Chapter 8, Act 1, Strip 52”

  1. I’d tell Mopey to stop hitting herself, but she’s gotta find a non-Biff outlet SOMEWHERE.

    1. Yeah, and she’s much more evenly matched with herself than with Biff, so the fights a lot fairer, too! Biff was clearly overmatched in most cases, which made victory less satisfying for Mopey. XD

    1. And then it turned out one of them was from Crete, where everybody is a liar, according to a similar problem – so she would have had to figure that out first. Clearly, violence was not only the better solution, it was the much quicker one, as well. XD

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