What COVID looked like from space – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 144

So…I guess this is the episode where everyone on Earth realizes where this is going, no matter how much hentai they’ve seen, if any. ._. A global case of tentacle rape, if you will.

And, yeah, I’ve voiced some understanding for Latho wishing for a larger number of longer appendages – going through life with only four plushy nubs must be hard, especially when it comes to engaging with more complex interfaces. But, naturally, Latho has to take it up to beyond eleven. And at an astonishing speed! Which you wouldn’t expect from some thing known as the “creeping chaos”, but that just goes to show that you really shouldn’t judge people (well, entities) by their reputation. A valuable lesson.*

In between spreading throughout the Crystal Palace and spreading all over the world, Latho’s tentacles reverse all of the heroes’ hard-earned operational gains in panels five and six. Which required me to come up with a new NATO-style symbol, signifying a brigade of tentacles. >_> I did not submit if for standardization…for one thing, that would have earned me some very funny looks, and for the other thing, it would have taken decades and endless/pointless discussions. >_>

And yeah, drawing all of those tentacles could have been a lot of work for me…but, fortunately, my graphics software is made by a Japanese company, so there is a large variety of ready-made tentacle brushes available for it. >_> I’m not holding that against the country at all…I’m just offering an explanation…

More on Thursday.

* I mean, fun thing is I didn’t even go to that party. And I surely wouldn’t have done that, of all things, even if I had been there. Really, get your mind out of the gutter. >_>

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    1. I’ve been losing my patience since about the start of the millennium – so it’s a small wonder that there’s hardly anything left of it by now. XD

    1. O_O I’m actually not entirely sure if that wiggling is less disturbing than Nyarlathotep’s tentacles, or more. And that’s saying something….

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