What’s up, sailor? – Chap. 3, Act 4, Strip 13

And thus we finally learn the name of the mysterious submarine our friends have been chasing – it is called the “Anomalocaris”. Which somewhat parallels the more established name “Nautilus”, but is, like, a 45-second Google search removed – so it would be technically incorrect to accuse the scriptwriter of not having made any effort. The name’s drawback is that it literally translates to “weird shrimp”, but you just can’t win ’em all.

And even more thus we finally catch a glimpse at the mysterious submarine’s skipper. The man who is, as a working hypothesis, behind all of the chaos and mayhem that has happened since the beginning of the chapter. Behind all of the deaths and misery, too. Who is this man? What is his purpose in all of this? And why does he look like Popeye, when the title of the chapter is “20,000 leeks…”, not “20,000 spinaches…”? Questions over questions.

On the technical side, aren’t you impressed how George managed to create a set of such a giant submarine while remaining within the budget? All of these identically looking hull segments, which make it look like they’re really just crossing the same set over and over again… must have been pretty expensive to build. And boring. ._. But the bridge set definitely looks completely different – it has all of the nautical instruments and controls a ship of that size needs. Or, well, at least all of the nautical instruments and controls George knows. And, well, the wheel is kinda recylcled from the Souvlaki Queen set. But the compass is all new! =D

More on Thursday.

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