With a Song and a Needle – Chapter 7, Epilogue, Strip 11

And yet another happy ending! Nessie is back!

And we have only the amazingly multi-talented Tako-Luka to thank for that. She probably just found the headless corpse drifting through her domain to be too depressing a sight, so she activated her amazing stitching skills to put things right. And, yes, those skills are amazing, at least relatively – she might not be the best of seamstresses, but she ranks much higher if you look only at seamstresses who lack hands. >_> Stitching with tentacles isn’t that easy…nor is stitching with octopus-arms-which-everyone-keeps-referring-to-as-tentacles-quite-erroneously, which is what Luka is using.

Between that and singing, she’s really multi-talented…so it matters little that her sense for the spatial orientation of things might be a bit lacking here and there. It’s probably just the life aquatic…it must be hard to keep a proper sense of spatial orientation when you spend at least part of your time floating upside down. But, speaking of keeping perspective: I bet Nessie is just happy that it’s back among the living, and perfectly able to overlook the little problem with its head pointing the wrong way. At least I hope it’s good at overlooking things, because it will be doing that a whole lot from now on. >_>

Of course the evidence for Nessie’s existence will have to be adapted accordingly, but that shouldn’t be a problem. Doctors keep doctoring all the time, anyway. >_>

More on Thursday.

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